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Life and Death MTG Counters

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Life and Death MTG Counters

It can be incredibly frustrating when you are half way through a game of Magic and find yourself fumbling around with d6's, trying to remember if they represent tokens, buffs, or counters. These dice are perfect for keeping track of enchantments, and ability effects that specifically add or subtract modifiers.


  •  The Dice Counters made of polyresin material, durable and hardwearing not easy to be damaged.
  • 6 White +1/+1 Counters & 6 Black -1/-1 Counters,using the counters keep track of the board state of collectible card games
  • Perfect for MTG - Magic The Gathering
  • We hand check each of our dice before packing them, ensuring that you'll get the best dice here!

    Perfect for: MTG Board Games
    Positive Counter Dice: +1/+1, +2/+2, +3/+3, +4/+4, +5/+5 and +6/+6
    Negative Counter Dice: -1/-1, -2/-2, -3/-3, -4/-4, -5/-5 and -6/-6

    These are created by custom artist oversees, they are in high demand and will take 2-4 weeks to arrive. Everyone agrees, they are worth the wait!