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Hey fellow DM,

Ready to toss out the clichés and dive into something wildly unexpected for your next campaign? Let me introduce you to a fresh take that'll have your players at the edge of their seats – a new twist on an old legend. We all know dragons hoard gold, right? But, what if they didn't? Imagine the intrigue and surprise in your players' eyes when they discover a dragon obsessed with something entirely different.

That's exactly why I've put together this unique list for you, courtesy of Dice and Dragons. Picture this: dragons hoarding ancient, forgotten music scores, or maybe maps to other dimensions. How about a dragon who collects memories in glass jars, or one that is fixated on hoarding time itself? The possibilities are endless and mind-boggling!

This isn't just a list; it's a gateway to unexplored terrains of storytelling. Each item in this collection comes with a backstory, intertwining seamlessly into your world's lore. It's more than loot – it's a narrative device that can drive your campaign into thrilling and uncharted territories.

So, welcome to a world where predictability is left at the dungeon's door, and the unexpected is the new normal. Your players won't just be talking about this session; they'll remember it for campaigns to come. Let's make some legendary stories together!



  • Ancient Coins: Sylarith loves these for their historical value and the power they represent.
  • Enchanted Swords: Hoarded for their lethal beauty and craftsmanship.
  • Crystal Skulls: Collected for their mysterious aura and potential arcane power.
  • Ruby-Encrusted Goblets: A symbol of her fiery nature and regal status.
  • Blackened Armor of Fallen Heroes: Taken as trophies from her vanquished foes.
  • Obsidian Statuettes: Revered for their dark beauty and connection to volcanic landscapes.
  • Rare Tomes of Forbidden Knowledge: Valued for the dark secrets they hold.
  • Cursed Jewels: Intriguing because of the misfortune they bring to others.
  • Dragon Bone Relics: Kept as reminders of her superiority over other dragons.
  • Golden Crowns of Conquered Kings: Symbolizes her dominion over lesser beings.

100 Unique Items A Dragon Would Hoard

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